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Larry Wright

Larry Wright

Huntsville, AL


My retirement from four-decades of human resources management came in February, 2005. Soon after, I became intensely
interested in water color painting, having dabbled in it a bit through the years. I started putting in eight-hour days studying
painting and learning basic skills needed to pursue this path. The library had the books and videos needed and I took a
water color class with a nationally-known artist.
Painting was my everyday passion from early 2005 until sometime in late 2010. I painted well over 400 pieces, participated
in art shows, joined the local art society, read the trade magazines and digested everything I could find to build my skills.
I did win some ribbons, got some work placed in local homes and museums and our civic center. Unfortunately, my steam
ran low, and I felt maybe I had met my goals and ambitions.
In the fall of 2010, I packed away my paints and decided to take a sabbatical. I had said what I wanted to say in painting,
and I needed a break. During this pause, my first the guitar....resurfaced. I started playing
again, and after three-plus years I have played hundreds of gigs, mostly volunteer performances. You can see my work
I still have a hundred or more paintings for sale, and I can offer more images at I don't know if I will
paint again, but, for now I am playing music....every day. Painting and playing music are demanding masters, and I can't
envision doing both at once !
Thanks for taking time to read this. God bless you !


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